oojthmoo (oojthmoo) wrote in halo_freaks,

Halo Toys

I'm in a pretty bad financial situation and i'm going to be selling my Halo/Halo2 toys.

Here's a list

From Halo:
Warthog with MC and Marines

From Halo 2:
Series 8 Jackal with energy shield and plasma pistol
Series 1 Brute with brute shot
Series 2 MC with shotgun and magnum
Series 2 Warthog with Blue Assault Team
Series 4 Elite Ranger with dual plasma rifle
Series 1 ODST with battle rifle, magnum, and shotgun

This doesn't even count for half of what I have, so if you're looking for something in particular, just ask.
Asking atleast $20 a piece.
All figures are still in the box, mint condition.
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